Caviar Intensive Eye Contour 30 ml

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An intense and exclusive eye contour treatment. An effective formula against wrinkles, eye-puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue.

Benefits of the Product

This intense treatment for eye contour will make any signs of fatigue as well as dark eye circles disappear. Your eyes will recover their beauty, recovering a fresh and attractive look.
We have developed an anti-dark circles, anti-wrinkles, anti-eye bags and anti-fatigue hemodynamic treatment.

Main Cosmetics Active Ingredients

Get rid of rings, wrinkles and bags under you eyes thanks to this intensive hydrating treatment elaborated from proteins of grain of rice, hyaluronic acid, soy proteins, redox enzyme and caviar. Recover the beauty and freshness of your look in no time at all.

Active ingredients

  • Caviar

    Action: Regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres.

  • Oxidoreductase enzyme

    Action: Extremely powerful cell protector agent that eliminates the dark circles neutralizing the microcirculatory deficiency.

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Action: Principle with great moisturising power.

  • Soya Proteins

    Action: An active biotechnologically produced to eliminate any signs of fatigue