Bio Natural Energizing hair loss ampoules treatment 12x7ml

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Energizing hair loss ampoules treatment (12x7ml).

Multipurpose lotion in phial assists for hair loss.

It produces improvements highlighted in vigorous hair growth with a slowing down of the fall and early formation of grey hair. Greater resistance to traction, chemicals and atmospheric agents.

The greater nourishment to the germinative papila will produce new healthier hair and keep existing hair healthy.

There are 2 proteins in follicle cells, the 5 alpha reductases that transform testosterone into 5-dihydrotestosterone.

It is a very active sex hormone and the follicles of the cranial vault react negatively with a consequent decrease in hair growth.

It follows a decrease in follicle and blood flow. The hair first weakens, then becomes finer, and finally they will not grow again.

The same problem can also have the woman with hormonal imbalances. Concause of hair loss may be due to stress, excess sebum, dandruff, intoxication from medicines, trauma.

The most negative action you can do on your hair is to use shampoos and wrong balsams.

Most cosmetic firms do not take this into account, because they make products only for temporary beauty.

A good shampoo should be slightly acidic. The balsams are often made of wax proteins that cover the hair and consequently also clog the follicles. Vegetable emollients must also be used.


How to use:

Apply 3 ampoules a week for 2 months, then 1 ampoule a week for 2 months.

Apply half ampoule before washing your hair (with a hair loss shampoo, we recommend Nanoluxe anti hair loss) and the other half after.

5 to 6 minutes massage it in with your fingers tips (no nails, do not scratch).

*A little redness on the skin of about 20 minutes is normal.