KStiMS Breast&Hips Enhancing Cream 100 ml


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KSTIMES PLUS CUP  Breast&hips Enhancing Cream (100 ml). 

Breast Beauty Experts

Fast Visible Results in 2 weeks (depending on the individual).

Boxed & Sealed

Improve your size
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KStimes  Breast lifting and growth Cream.

Visible effect for breast enlargement, lifting and firming within 2 weeks


Special ingredients: Golden foil and Pueraria. Golden foil is the active ingredients from 24k Gold. It helps enhancing the body’s cellmetabolism and boost nutrient delivery. The gold has strong transduction for the cream’s active ingredients being absorbed by skin.


While another important ingredients Pueraria has the similar effect as estrogen. Pueraria has the highly reactive isoflavone, balancing the estrogen. It has significant results for breast enlargement, lifting, firming. It gives the perfect breast for every girl.