Nanoluxe Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Professional Results 400 ml


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Multivitamin TheraVITx5 Formula, helps restore hair core thickness.

Professional Results

Shampoo Zero Stop Loss 0% of Sulfates, Colorants, MIT, Salt, Silicones

To avoid possible sensitivity problems due to the frequent us of shampoos, we must stay away from chemicals such as Sulfates, Colorants, Silicones, MIT or Parabens.

Parabens and MIT are used as preservatives in cosmetic products. Sulfates and Parabins are restricted in use because of their sensitising problems.

Salt and sulphates are aggressive cleansing and foaming agents that help keep hair shiny. Frequent use can cause irritation and hair damage. Silicones cover the hair and make it look bright and smooth. They have a cumulative effect in the external part of the capillary fibre preventing other nutrient ingredients from entering inside.

Nanoluxe Shampoo replaces these ingredients with similar but less damaging substitutes. Surfactants such as betaine, amphoacetates, sulfosuccinates and isethionates. Much milder and less irritating to the scalp. Nanoluxe Shampoo contains oligosaccharides of plant origin and Phitokeratin (natural source proteins) which both condition and soften the hair gently resulting in hydrated, nourished, soft and manageable hair.

Benefits include total hair repair thanks to its natural components. Soft and manageable hair, totally clean totally healthy and young looking. Prevents itching, irritation and redness. Extreme softens thanks to its sponge texture and foaming power.

Can be used on a daily basis thanks to it mild formula. All beneficial results have a long lasting effect. After the application of repair treatment with SBS and Keratin or hair strengthening treatment. Ideal for sensitive scalps.

This massively effective hair formula was created to be used if your hair loss is severe or you have already lost your hair and re-growth is particularly stubborn. This formulation will quickly bring excessive hair loss under control. In cases of baldness you must take a sensible and measured approach to treatment.

The high potency of this shampoo is designed to return slow blood supply to the scalp caused by harmful DHT. 

This natural non sensitivity formula shampoo was created to help stimulate the blood supply to the scalp. Whilst in use and for a while after use, you will notice that your scalp will redden and will feel warm, tingly and slightly sensitive. This means the formula is helping to accelerate the vital blood supply to the hair follicles. Daily use is recommended for optimum results.

IMPORTANT: Continued use will maintain healthy scalp and hair growth.