Hydrating Beauty Micro Serum Smoothing & Glow Boosting 20 ml

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Kstims Hydrating Beauty Micro Serum Smoothing & Glow Boosting 20 ml

A highly-concentrated serum to remedy dry ,seriously dehydrated skin .Rich in natural botanical extracts to enhance the skin’s moisture levels for lasting suppleness and healthier ,smoother .

 Size : 20ml

* Instantly deliver concentrated essential nutrients into epidermis, moisturizes the dry cuticle, and timely recover skin to smooth and moist state. Lock skin moisture all day .

* Repair the self-moisturizing screen of skin, reserve water, reduce water evaporation, resist dryness and dry lines, and relieve strained skin.

* Shrink rough pores, tender skin, balance water and oil, and highlight moist, vigorous and beautify skin.
Usage :
After skin cleaning and toning in the morning and evening, extend  appropriate amount of serum onto the face, gently massage skin with the middle and ring fingers till thoroughly absorbed, then take follow-up treatment. 
Or use it as foundation before facial mask to reinforce the effect.