Kstims Facial Cleansing Cream skin Care Face Cleanser 100 ml


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Purify Cleaning                           Tightening Pore                     Anti-inflammatory


This is a purified cleaning formula for all skin, especially for oil skin. It includes the natural tea tree oil extract, which as the property to gently remove skin cells as it deeply permeates into pores to clean and remove oil and dirt, resulting in more health and brightening skin like a new born baby’s skin

It can help to remove dead skin cells, sebum and dirt, and enhance subsequent nutrient absorption. Effectively prevent acne and pimples. It could effectively balance oil secretion and nourish skin.

With the cooling effect, it could make the skin soothing and anti inflammation. Soften dead skin cells, remove blackheads, dirt and obstructions effectively. Prevent excessive oil secretion and minimizes pores, repair the damaged skin.

How to use:

Wet your palm and face with water, put proper amount on your palm, fully knead it for foam, then massage it in your face for a moment, rinse it lastly.